Monday, January 10, 2011
9:39 PM

Ahh yes, its been a long while since i last blogged and as usual i guess thats been the norm on this blog for the whole time i have it..lol

well school has started for me now, and i am glad to be having a 3 day work week for once, with long weekends every week!!! hahah. Ah well what have i been up to lately? well i juz gt back from batam with dearie where we celebrated my birthday. That was fun and i enjoyed myself alot.

Well nothing much but since its a new year, i do hope i actually post more and blog more this year, this is a good way to allow me to continue to write and continue my chains of thought. of course i wish to continue diving and go on for my advanced Open water course lol...

ah well for nw...till next time

Sunday, August 29, 2010
6:45 PM

Ahhh yes yes, i know i have not been blogging for a darn long time since my last post has been what feb?.. ok so theres long lists to update.... well finished my sem as usual then i went on to my 5 week practicum at Outram..

Outram was pretty fun, i had a good bunch of teachers and great CTs to guide me...not to mention the fun i had while teaching my class. My NA and NT classes are especially fun to teach... my NA class was pretty engaged which is good...and my CTs and my Sup was quite happy with my performance so far..so its pretty good that i passed..

After practicum, dearie and I went to Batam to celebrate our anniversary...though we celebrated on the day itself with a cable car ride and dinner... we went to batam on an all expenses paid trip by dearie as a present for me haha... we enjoyed ourselves loads with plenty of down time, relaxing, playing scrabble, swimming and simply walking around. Batam was pretty fun for a short getaway..

Guess wads my present for her...haha we went to a concert by Jeff Chang since dearie quite like his songs and I find him quite good too... His concert at Max Pavilion is great..lots of great fans and nice song numbers... an enjoyable experience!!

After the Batam trip, i simply slacked, played a lil sports with dearie and celebrated Papa's birthday. We had dinner at Ah Yat seafood and we had our favourite bamboo clams and i got to eat suckling pig as well haha...

Lately, i just came back from a 3 day 2 nites live on board diving trip as part of getting my PADI certification... well since we were with some advanced divers...our dives were in interesting parts of the Pulau Aur in Malaysia where currents were stronger and unlike calm waters which we are supposed to do our drills, we actually went to real dive sites to do our training dives... its really beautiful down below where we saw lots of marine life... from stingrays and morey eels to schools of barracuda and even a giant barracuda..nt to mention also all the fishes u can find in finding nemo...minus the shark which we could not get to see...we even saw parrot fish, lion fish and trigger fish...and some mysterious sightings of cuttlefish i think...the dives were great and the water is good.. viz is not too bad except for the last dive at jack rock where viz is about 6-8m i think.. but yeah good dives..compared to normal diving courses where u had to do lotsa stuff at absolutely calm water sheltered bays, these dives were a little more challenging but alot more interesting since my instructor told us if it was the normal kinda training, the dive sites are not beautiful and there would have been little to see.. hahah now i am gg into my new semester again...so ya..hope i blog more this time round yeah!!
Thursday, February 18, 2010
8:01 PM

YOOO HOOO its CNY...as usual, its the one time of the year that usually extended families come together and pig out...also to meet up with cousins to chat and find out how life is like or other...haha as expected i pigged out on the huge amounts of food and tidbits...so much so that i need exercise again haha...tennis anyone??
Sunday, January 10, 2010
11:48 PM

yes yes i know..i've taken a break from blogging since the last semester...well for updates, exam results aint too bad this time round, managed to improve on my GPA again, thank God for that.

Lately i've become more of a jetsetter of sorts since i travelled to china, Shanghai during the term break and then went to Genting for a lil birthday getaway with dearie. Well 2010, i have more trips planned since i am going to Bangkok in May and Krabi in June as well as Bryan's bachelor's party in June. its going to be fun fun fun!! i simply can't wait for it to come.

haha the trips i've been on the last year and this jan was really great and had loads of fun. Genting was pretty good since i get to do archery and venture into the casino. i even played a few rounds of roulette which saw me generate 40% returns in my bets lol. That aint too bad for a first time venture, but then just play with discipline and not to get hooked on gambling is definitely a must. Play a little just for fun, play within the means is an important thing and its defintely a sobering thought, especially the way i saw people betting in denominations of $25 and higher while little me just plays with $5 chips..just think of the money they are throwing away.!! give some to me and i can really eat loads of good stuff.. surely we can't get rich on gambling, i have no illusions about that...unless ur the casino owner then you would win big..no matter what.

the semester has now started and i am now glad to be out of the clutches of the biased Sri Lankan Terrorist who single handedly pulled my grades now from an A to a B+. what to say, some of us guys totally hate him. Moi? i just think of him as a biased prick who is definitely not effective in teaching at all.. why did i take his modules? well there is simply no choice since his mods are usually core, ir not, then it is usually the ones that are more straightforward. i mean at least u can count on that prick to be consistent in setting exam questions exactly the same as his tutorial questions, even the requirements are the same, only wording wise is different.
Now i can avoid him and go on to take the other two offered electives which makes me absolutely happier that i do not need to face that terrorist anymore.

well the semester is starting again and i do hope i can continue to do well and improve on my GPA while ensuring i do not get any Cs...i survived thus far without getting any Cs and i think i can definitely go on to do well..
Monday, July 13, 2009
7:13 PM

Hehe long time did not blog already....now currently at crescent going thru my practicum..today had no periods thus so free to blog... hmmm did loads in the hols... went Hanoi with lily, david and dearie.. it was super fun

we went to Halong Bay in vietnam and went kayaking around in the sea...super fun!! and i also got to try the local cuisine in Hanoi. Pho was literally eaten everyday! i ate snail pho...super nice..its not disguisting as you think..its tastes chewy like clams. haha also went around to shop loads in vietnam...the stuff there is like so cheap... i changed 200 bucks and literally became a millionare in vietnamese Dong.

Hahah had super loads of fun in vietnam...then in the hols aLso went to Sarawak with dearie..we stayed a night in the treehouse resort, its like some ulu place in the rainforest, where trees surround your cabin.. i feel like tarzan sia.. saw a cute cute squirrel climbing up the tree and on to the roof of the cabin.

We also ate lots of sarawakian food in Kuching City.. its really Kuching man went to the cat museum,..quite interesting had so many different types of cat exhibits... hmmm we also went to the Bako national park...the trails are quite tough to walk and we choose a trail that leads to the beach...after walking like mad we finally reached... wahh the location at the beach looks super nice lo.. the water is crustal clear and its super nice to swim at the beach...

now all the holidays ended.. so stuck at crescent doing work or sometimes not doing much and have time to slack in the work room haha...shall update again...haha so yup see ya toodles!!

oh oh you can see my photos on facebook... i uploaded them already!
Saturday, April 25, 2009
7:27 AM

Yay Yay Yay I am liberated from the depths of exam hell!! haha ah well exams are finally over and i can totally rest, do the things i really like to do and just well spend time in a total different manner. Did i mention that i had my practicum posting already... yes yes i am going to crescent girls again, and probably get to see Mr. M and drink coffee with him. haha plus i am going to vietnam during the holidays.. finally a little vacation...

ahaha anyway i am so going to enjoy my vacation, those who are studying for the next paper... haf fun ahaha i will remind you how i am having fun now, at your expense haha no not really kidding.. good luck and study yah!!
Sunday, March 22, 2009
8:24 AM

haha hihi... yep not very free lately... so didn't blog much... hmmmm went to marina barrage yesterday with dearie for this "real love works" event.. quite fun haha to see so many married couples rededicating their lives to each other and saying their vows again... haha makes me wonder when can i say those vows with dearie too haha.. the best part is.... we all get our own helium balloons... and we are supposed to write our love notes to each other on the balloon.. after that around 6 plus... we all set our balloons free with all the other couples there. of cuz me and dearie did something else to our balloons... we tied them together before sending it up to the heavens... haha the scene of all the balloons floating up is really beautiful...

heh really enjoyed yesterday with dearie ahah

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